David Fisher

Dr. David Fisher teaches ethics and war at King's College London. He was a senior official in the UK Ministry of Defence, Foreign Office and Cabinet Office where he was defence adviser to the prime minister. He is the Co-chairman of the Council on Christian Approaches to Defence and Disarmament and a regular contributor to books and journals on defence an ethical issues. His most recent book — Morality and War - Can War be Just in the Twentieth-first Century? — won the 2012 W.J. Mackenzie prize as best book of the year in political science.
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If Torture Works, Is It Wrong?

Is the US willing to accept the moral consequences of a society that institutionalizes torture? In Zero Dark Thirty, enhanced interrogation techniques — so-called torture-lite of the kind practiced at Guantanamo Bay and various CIA black sites — are shown being used to extract information about Osama bin Laden's courier, known as al-Kuwaiti. In the film, this information is a... Continue Reading

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