Dave McGarvie

Dave McGarvie is a volcanologist who works on volcanoes in Iceland and Chile. He has been working in Iceland for 30 years on a range of projects including: magma mixing; rhyolite geochemistry; physical volcanology of rhyolite and basalt volcano-ice interactions; Ar-Ar dating of Pleistocene rhyolite eruptions; volatiles in rhyolite eruptions; and cooling fractures in lavas meeting ice, snow and water. He has also worked on Scottish granites, written book chapters on volcanism at the ancient Ben Nevis and Glen Coe volcanoes in Scotland, and written papers on the Carbon isotope systematic of carbonaceous chondrites. He is a senior lecturer at The Open University.
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Is Iceland’s Tallest Volcano Awakening?

The saga of Öræfajökull suggests we should take small earthquakes in the region seriously. "Two women and a boy took refuge on the roof … but it was carried away by the deluge of water, and as far as the eye could reach, the three unfortunate persons were seen clinging to the roof. One of the women was afterwards found among the mud of the jökulhlaup ,... Continue Reading

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