Daniel Urchick

Daniel Urchick is the Eurasia and Eastern Europe fellow at Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP). He is also a compliance contractor at the US Department of Defense. Urchick earned his MA in Political Science from Central Michigan University in 2015 and expects to receive his MA in Security Policy Studies from George Washington University in 2018.
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US Must Recognize Stalin’s Killer Famine as Genocide

The US could set a precedent for recognizing genocide so that the 9 million victims of the Holodomor can finally receive a degree of justice. In 1932, the Soviet Union intentionally manufactured, exacerbated and, subsequently, covered up the mass starvation, execution and imprisonment of 9 million ethnic Ukrainians — a tragedy now known as the Holodomor. This heinous policy was an attempt... Continue Reading

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Russian Support for the Taliban: A New “Great Game”

By supporting the Taliban, Russia risks pushing Central Asia further into greater cooperation with the United States and China. The geopolitical implications of Russia’s growing support for the Taliban in Afghanistan are enormous. While the Russian Federation is likely doing this purely to spite the United States, it is inadvertently undermining its own interests in the region. This... Continue Reading

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