Daniel Zussman

Daniel Zussman is the assistant director of research programs at the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies. He earned his MA in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas, Austin.

Israel's Discriminatory Draft

August 14, 2012

Today, Israel struggles to reverse a deeply entrenched system of unequal conscription into its army. Background Shortly after Israel’s birth in 1948, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion granted 400 ultra-Orthodox Jewish men exemption from Israel’s compulsory military service so that they could study full-time in yeshivas (Jewish seminary schools). The pragmatic...

The Israel Defense Forces, the Tal Law and Beyond

August 13, 2012

A law governing Israel’s discriminatory military draft has expired, raising tensions between secular, religious, and Israeli-Arabs in one of the country’s most significant internal conflicts. Those following Israel’s ongoing conflict with its neighbors may have overlooked a widening domestic rift between Israelis, no less serious in its implications for the...