Craig Willy

Craig Willy is a Brussels-based European affairs analyst. He has worked on numerous news and communication projects, including for the Bertelsmann Foundation, the German Press Agency and the European Commission. Willy studied history and politics at the University of Liverpool and the London School of Economics. His areas of interest include French politics, eurozone policy and transatlantic relations. He speaks English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Can Japan Maintain Its Economic Fortunes?

June 24, 2019

Japan is set up for a stint in the international spotlight, hosting the G20 summit at the end of June and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It will be a busy few years for Japan, which hosts the G20 summit on June 28-29 followed by the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. The...

The Quest for a European Future

February 18, 2016

Oscillating between trying to conform to EU norms and nativist backlash, countries in southeastern Europe are often caught in a love-hate relationship. Though not failed states, the countries of southeastern Europe have long been afflicted with bad government. Massive, often flagrant, corruption in the administration, media and judiciary are not...