Chris Frassetto

Chris Frassetto is a young professional specialist of international security, political analysis, counterterrorism and US foreign policy. His regional focus outside of US policy has been the Mediterranean, encompassing Europe, North Africa and parts of the Middle East. Previously, he worked at the US Council for International Business, was a political intern at the US Mission to the United Nations and a graduate student consultant for the US State Department. He holds a Master’s of International Affairs from Columbia University and a Bachelor's of Politics from New York University.

Sanaa in the Distance: Why Yemen Matters

Although Yemen has played a significant role in the Arab Spring, the country has garnered only limited media attention. This is despite the fact that stability in Yemen has huge geopolitical consequences. Over two years after initial protests commenced in the Middle East and North Africa, the “Arab Spring” has become synonymous with the revolutions and conflicts in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya... Continue Reading

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