Charmaine Poh

Charmaine Poh is a writer, photographer and documentary filmmaker from Singapore. She graduated from Tufts University with a BA in International Relations in 2013. Under the Program for Narrative and Documentary Practice, she completed documentary photography projects in Boston, Myanmar and Bangladesh. She is interested in how stories remain in spite of all change or loss. Her most recent work, Learning to Leave, won the 2014 Noise Singapore Award.
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Life Along Myanmar's Yangon River

Myanmar has taken steps to escape political and economic isolation, but life along the Yangon River remains unchanged. The days here start early. At 4am, the docks of Lan Ma Daw jetty in Yangon are already bustling with people, from blurry-eyed students to laborers unloading basket-loads of food. It is a setting that has remained unchanged for decades, one that might shift with the recent... Continue Reading

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