Charalampos Economou

Charalampos Economou is Associate Professor of Health Policy and Sociology of Health at Panteion University. He worked for several years as a Researcher at the National School of Public Health. Born in Athens, he studied sociology at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. Economou obtained his MSc from the National School of Public Health, Athens, in health services management and his PhD from Panteion University, in social policy and health policy.

Syriza’s Ambitious Plan to Rescue the Greek Health System

Syriza is now in power, but what is the party’s plan for health and welfare, and how will it be achieved? In 2010, the Greek economy entered a deep, structural and multi-faceted crisis, the main features of which were a large fiscal deficit, huge public debt and the continuous erosion of the country’s competitive position. In order to address the problem, the Greek government requested a... Continue Reading

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