Bipin Ghimire

Bipin Ghimire is a doctoral fellow in International Relations at South Asian University, New Delhi. His interests include world politics, peace and conflict, refugees, South Asian regional politics, foreign policy and social research. He holds an MA in Conflict, Peace and Development Studies from Tribhuvan University, Nepal and an MA in International Relations from University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Ghimire is the author of Social Reintegration of Ex LTTE Combatants of Sri Lanka.

Small States Suffer When Big States Bark

September 06, 2017

The examples of Qatar and Nepal show a true reflection of the struggle between small countries and big powers. The Qatar crisis raises two issues in the field of international relations today. The first is to disprove the mainstream Cold War-era view that small states cannot play a significant role...

Tackling Structural Violence in Afghanistan

May 01, 2017

In Afghanistan, opportunity is not equally distributed among all citizens. Afghanistan’s history is marked with the persistent struggle faced by the ethnic communities due to the country’s geostrategic significance and multi-ethnic divisions. Every historic change — from the expansion of Islam into Persia, the Soviet invasion or the Afghan Civil...