Anwar Akhtar

Anwar Akhtar is the Director of The Samosa, a culture and politics website with a focus on Britain and South Asia. He is also an Associate of, a Manchester based regeneration practice. He was previously Director of

Pakistan and India: Meeting in the Middle

September 05, 2013

Civil society is the starting point for peace and reconciliation between Pakistan and India.  Many films in Pakistan Calling cover troubles in the South Asian country. The films also focus on extraordinary civil society groups doing incredible work to ease — if not eradicate — these troubles. The context of...

A Tough Country for Minorities and Everyone Else

March 11, 2013

Over the past few years, minorities have faced increasing discrimination and even persecution in Pakistan. Pakistan is deeply divided. Since its creation in 1947, power has been concentrated in the hands of feudal and military elites from Punjab. In the past few decades, prejudice predicated on caste, tribe and religion...