Anthony Chimente

Anthony Chimente earned a Ph.D. from Durham University in Middle East Politics with a focus on civil-military relations in fragmented states. His main interests include military, security, and international affairs in the region. Dr. Chimente spent five months as a visiting associate lecturer in comparative politics at Northumbria University. He is currently an independent researcher and advisor with Gulf State Analytics, a geopolitical consultancy based in Washington, D.C. 

President Xi Meets with MBS: What Does This Mean for Iran?

Amid growing strains with Iran, China is deepening its partnership with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations. In early December, President Xi Jinping paid Prince Mohammed bin Salman a visit. Iran felt snubbed. For years, China’s clout in the Middle East has been growing. Until Iran commits to reform, China will continue to forge alliances elsewhere in the region. Continue Reading

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