Anna Romandash

Anna Romandash is a freelance Ukrainian journalist. She has published with the Kyiv Post, The Day and New Eastern Europe, among others. She also works for Orange Magazine where she writes about media issues and covers international events such as the Global Media Forum. Her areas of interest include politics, freedom of expression and transition states.

What’s Going On in Belarus?

Jun 15, 2017

Human rights violations go largely unnoticed in “Europe’s last dictatorship.” Amid protests and police violence in Belarus, with the biggest rally taking place on March 25 in Minsk and the country’s larger cities against the so-called “social parasites” law, the country has once again appeared on the global media radar. A...

Can Moldova Unite Against Corruption?

May 10, 2016

Growing dissatisfaction with the government unites Moldovan society. On April 24, protesters in Chisinau’s main square carried posters with slogans of “Freedom” and “Down with Capitalism.” Unhappy with the current rulers and ongoing political crisis, over 5,000 people joined an anti-government rally in Moldova’s capital. Although critical of the elite,...