Altug Gunal

Assistant Professor
Altuğ Günal is an academic visitor at the University of Oxford and a lecturer at the International Relations Department of Ege University in İzmir, Turkey. Günal specializes in Balkan and Cypriot issues, humanitarian intervention and the European Union. He is the vice chairman of the Ege Strategic Research Center, editor of the Ege Strategic Research Journal and trains high-level commanders of the Turkish Air Force Command on humanitarian interventions. He holds a PhD in European Studies.

Putting the Turkey Coup in Historical Perspective

Had the Turkey coup been successful, it would have spelled disaster for the country. When a military coup shook Greece in 1967, it exposed the country to a brutal military dictatorship that brought numerous internal and external losses for the Greek people. Recalling this part of Greek history, and taking lessons from the coup d’état of 1974 in Cyprus, can enlighten us on what Turkey could... Continue Reading

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