Alona Anokhina

Alona Anokhina is a Ukrainian student at GSSR in Poland who is pursuing an MA in Society, Culture and Media. She has a research background in international relations, European studies and international management. She previously worked as a content manager at a digital newspaper in Ukraine.

Will Zelensky Deliver Much Needed Reform for Ukraine?

The election of an inexperienced politician to Ukraine’s highest office should be taken as a signal that the country’s patience is running thin. On April 21, Ukrainians voted in the final round of the country’s presidential elections. Its result was devastating for the incumbent, President Petro Poroshenko, who ran for his second term in office but only managed to secure less than a... Continue Reading

Fair Observer

Promise of Reform Falls Short in Ukraine

If reforms are not implemented in the near future, another revolution might be on the horizon for Ukraine. Ukraine's political and socioeconomic circumstances have become the subject of various debates across Europe and the United States. The focus of these discussions has been the decreasing optimism among Ukrainians about the limited progress the government has made over implementing... Continue Reading

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