Aguil Blunt

Aguil Blunt is an American-South Sudanese public health and development consultant. She has over 13 years of international development experience, including extensive expertise in organizational development, program design and management, business planning and strategy, and advocacy. Blunt has experience managing projects in developing and post-conflict countries. She is a self-proclaimed "Africa-trotter," an amateur chef and is passionate about reproductive rights, Africa and peaceful coexistence between the two Sudans. She holds a BA in Medical Humanities.

South Sudan Turns Three: Gaza, Obama and South Africa

July 10, 2014

With carnage in Gaza, party politics in the US and injustice in South Africa, where does South Sudan stand today? I was asked if I could write an opinion piece about South Sudan’s independence day, as I have in previous years. But when asked, I realized I had nothing to...

South Sudan: A Bittersweet Anniversary

July 08, 2013

Two years on since Sudan's partition, many challenges still remain. For me, the July 9 anniversary remains bittersweet. While we celebrate the realization of an independent South Sudan, this date is also the time of the year I mourn for the two Sudans, Africa, and the world because it marks the...