Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat is an independent researcher and journalist based in the UK​ ​and​ ​Indonesia.​ He has previously worked as a research assistant at Qatar University, before taking up a position​​ as an analyst at Gulf State Analytics, a Washington, DC-based consultancy firm. His academic qualifications include a BA in International Affairs from Qatar University, an MA in International Politics from the University of Manchester and he is currently working on his PhD at the same university. In academia​, his research interests focus on China and ASEAN's relations with Middle Eastern countries. As a journalist, Rakhmat's works focus on Indonesian politics, humanitarian affairs and disability issues. As a disabled person himself, he is also an advocate for disabled people’s rights. Besides reporting on disability-related topics, he is the founder and CEO of Sekolabilitas, an Indonesia-based NGO dedicated to assisting children with disabilities in accessing education.

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