Will the New BRICS+ Be Able to Come Together?


RIC (Russia, India, China) formed 2001. BRIC (Brazil joined) in 2006. BRICS with South Africa, formal since 2009.

BRICS summit expanded, adding six members on Jan 1, 2024: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Argentina, Iran, Ethiopia.

RIC formed against unipolarity. BRICs: equitable global order, UN reform, multilateralism, developing nations' role.

Post-unipolarity, multilateralism vital. US struggles in Middle East, Afghanistan weaken its global influence.

US reinforces Europe, Asia alliances for global prominence. Revives NATO, partners against Russia, China tensions.

US isolates Russia, aims for regime change. Views China as main adversary, blocks its tech advancement.

Power tensions strain, US wields dollar, Russia sanctions, Ukraine war disrupts supplies, questions global equity.

BRICS challenges Western dominance, seeks global power balance, and opposes imposed values for multipolarity.