Yes, We Have Home-Grown Fascists in the US

I, a child of mixed heritage, feared the resurgence of antisemitism and questioned my protection from a new Holocaust.

I'm grateful my father didn't witness the rise of anti-Semitism and President Trump's controversial response.

Fearing a grimmer future, a new right-wing campaign targets LGBTQIA+ people, posing a threat to their existence.

Anti-queer legislation exploited by Republican candidates signals a concerning trend in their primary campaigns.

DeSantis's 'Don't Say Gay' law in Florida restricts instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in schools.

Florida's restrictive laws on sexual orientation and gender identity in schools set a concerning trend nationwide.

A national campaign targets queer and trans individuals, aiming to deny their existence and necessary medical care.

Laws in 7 states deny preferred pronouns, endanger trans youth, increase suicide risk, and negate their existence.