Will Democracy Survive the Rise of China?

By:  Dr. Reza Parchizadeh

China presents itself as a global peacemaker, but its history of human rights abuses raises concerns about its influence.

China's rise challenges the US-led world order, raising concerns about the fate of democracy if it becomes the global hegemon.

China's rise as a potential global hegemon through diplomacy, economy, and technology shapes the "Chinese Century."

China's peacemaking efforts in longstanding conflicts raise its global profile, challenging the influence of the US and the United Nations.

Without a strong US presence, neutral or Western-friendly nations may turn to China for security in the Middle East.

The US has been gradually withdrawing from the Middle East, leaving a vacuum that China appears eager to fill.

China's peace mediation in Ukraine-Russia conflict masks support for Moscow, potentially enhancing its global peacemaker image.

Beijing's peace efforts favor Russia in Ukraine conflict but may demand concessions, seeking to establish trust as a global power.