BY:  Vidyadhar Prabhudesai

Why the UCC Is Important for Adoption in India

PM Modi pushes for Uniform Civil Code (UCC) to unify marriage, family, and adoption laws across religions.

Diverse religious adoption laws lack uniformity, impacting rights of adopted children under different communities.

Diverse adoption laws lead to discrimination against singles, same-sex, and interfaith couples adopting children.

Complex adoption laws lead to confusion, hindering understanding of adoptive parents' and children's rights.

Complex, time-consuming parental rights transfer hinders adoption, especially for orphaned or abandoned children.

CARA-approved parents wait years, admin delays worsen child adoption process, fueling child trafficking.

Varying adoption criteria by religion leads to complexity, disparities, and inconsistencies in the adoption process.

Hashmi challenged Muslim adoption restriction. Court, Juvenile Justice Act, hints at Unified Civil Code goal.