Why Saudi Arabia and Iran Are Making Out Now

BY: Atul Singh

Gary Lineker's impact on BBC overshadowed China's deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran, a significant development on March 11.

The US relies on its Middle East dominance; this deal signals the US-Saudi relationship soured, as China may woo Saudis.

US-Saudi romance started on Valentine’s Day in 1945 when FDR hosted King Abdul Aziz Al Saud on the battleship USS Quincy.

US-Saudi romance fading as China replaces the US as Saudi Arabia's biggest oil importer and top trade partner.

US-Saudi relations soured after Jamal Khashoggi's murder in 2018. President Biden promised to make Saudi Arabia a “pariah” state.

MBS didn't like Obama's Iran Deal and support for the 2010 Arab Spring. Biden's democracy agenda sounds dangerous to MBS's ears.

Saudis spread Wahhabi Islam, Iran challenges US, supports Palestine, gaining Muslim support amidst competition for Islamic influence.

Saudi Arabia and Iran were once US allies. In 1979, gunmen seized Mecca's Grand Mosque, sparking fear of Islamic revolution.