Why Putin — Battered, Not Broken — Retains Power for Now


Prigozhin's brief revolt stirred predictions of Putin's downfall, but he swiftly reasserted control, leaving Putin unscathed.

Putin's strength: immense popularity, consistently above 50%, with a peak of 82% before Wagner's Moscow march.

Putin's charisma, assertiveness, and successful actions like Crimea maintain Russian support for the Ukraine invasion.

Putin brought stability after post-Soviet turmoil and economic woes, instilling confidence in Russians.

Putin boosted living standards but eroded democracy and freedoms, a trade-off accepted by many for stability.

Predictions of Putin's downfall seem more wishful than realistic despite recent challenges and rebellions.

Putin neutralizes threats to his regime, surviving activists, sanctions, and military challenges, emerging stronger.

Putin eliminated democratic rivals, silenced opposition, making Navalny a credible political threat.