BY: Christopher Roper Schell

Why Popular Ron De Santis Wins Big in Florida

Article on Florida's rejection of African American Studies AP course lacks credibility, despite my respect for its author.

Peter claims DeSantis enacted politically useful laws to defend "white America", racism is still ingrained in American psyche.

Peter Isackson argues DeSantis' popularity is due to white Republican racism, but this is a simplistic argument unsupported by facts.

Florida has roughly equal numbers of registered Republicans and Democrats, making it hardly a "white, Republican" state as claimed.

DeSantis' supporters cannot all be white Republicans as not even half of the Republicans in Florida are white.

Florida's last election had 7.7 million votes with DeSantis getting 59.37% and Crist getting 39.97%, a 19-point spread.

Assumptions about voter ratio are required to support Peter's claims, but they are improbable and lack evidence.

Crist is a party opportunist with few principles, and his defeat cannot be attributed solely to an enthusiasm gap.

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