Why American Anti-Caste Measures Aren’t Really About Uplifting Dalits

By:  Sandhya Devaraj

Hindu Americans combat caste discrimination, defend religious freedom, and support persecuted counterparts worldwide.

Caste narrative in the US is racialized, labeling Hindu Americans as "white supremacists" and caste victims as akin to Black Americans.

Forces pushing caste narratives rely on the association between Hinduism and caste in American consciousness.

Push for "caste equity" assumes Dalits are inherently oppressed regardless of location or wealth, despite evidence to the contrary.

Caste bills lack clarity, assigning American notions of privilege and oppression to religious communities, harming Hindu Americans.

American anti-caste movement targets Hinduism, overlooks Dalit persecution in Pakistan and Bangladesh, mostly impacting Hindu Dalits.

In 2011, I joined the Hindu American Foundation's DC Advocacy Day to address forced conversions of Hindu girls in Pakistan.

Dalit Hindus in Pakistan face persecution, including forced conversions and rape used as a means of pressure.