Who Will Win Argentina’s Presidency After 28 Years Of Peronism?


Argentina's enduring democracy, despite economic challenges, is dominated by Peronism since 1983, rooted in history.

After Javier Milei's surprising primary election success, experts speculate on potential change in Argentina's politics.

Amid a deep financial crisis, discontent with Argentina's center-left dominance hints at potential transformation.

Despite a desire for change, Peronism, led by moderate Sergio Massa, challenges Milei's influence.

Massa, not Milei, secured the most votes, suggesting continued support for Peronism. Await runoff results.

Peronism's enduring dominance stems from its catch-all nature, embracing diverse political currents historically.

Argentina hosts a robust Peronist trade union, shaping national identity with wide societal influence.

Peronism's survival is rooted in internal flexibility, a robust federal system, and addressing historical atrocities.