What’s Behind Biden’s Delayed Invitation to Netanyahu?

Israeli PMs visit Washington after election, symbolizing enduring ties between nations, regardless of leadership changes.

Netanyahu's judicial overhaul sparked outrage, protests, and even strikes by dissenting Israeli Defense Force personnel. 

Biden warns against Israel's judicial reform, postpones customary interactions to show concern over democracy weakening.

Late US invite for Israeli President Herzog sparks speculation of a possible UN meeting, lacking White House formality.

Israel faces growing threats from Hezbollah, Syria-Iran alliance, West Bank violence, and Iran's nuclear program.

Support ally in times of threat, Delayed invite seen as unwarranted US diplomatic game amid internal matter.

No argument on Israel's threats, US stands firm in defense and support, evident in high-level meetings.

Biden-Bibi tiff won't weaken US-Israel support. Regular collaboration to counter threats, including Iran's nuclear program.