What You Need to Know About the US Presidency

BY: Mehdi Alavi

US claims to be a thriving democracy, but it has never been truly democratic, with features shared by authoritarian regimes.

US two-party system undermines democracy by serving megadonors who finance election campaigns rather than voters' interests and welfare.

US elections are manipulated by the rich and the "deep state," corrupting the two-party system, endangering American democracy.

US presidency selection process is undemocratic as electors are loyal to parties, not people, and popular votes don't elect presidents.

US presidential elections have become corrupt due to unlimited corporate donations. Major reforms are needed, as supported by public opinion.

The US president is chosen by the Electoral College whose members are selected by the two main political parties.

US presidential election relies on the Electoral College, as Trump won despite fewer popular votes than Clinton.

Presidential elections persist to legitimize the process, but rich people finance and choose candidates based on charisma, not qualifications.