BY: Mehdi Alavi

What You Need to Know About the US Congress

US Congress has relinquished war powers and regulatory authority to the president, undermining the balance of power.

Influence of money in politics weakens US Congress, as legislators prioritize fundraising over representing constituents.

Money's influence: Congress swayed by interest groups, including AIPAC, silencing dissent against foreign influence.

AIPAC opposes Obama's Iran deal, and Congress prioritizing foreign interests over American ones risks peace and security.

Congress plagued by pork-barrel projects, legislative extortion, and failure to address wealth inequality and poverty.

Deep divisions persist as Republicans take 15 rounds to elect Kevin McCarthy, Congress favors wealthy donors with tax cuts.

Representation issues: DC, Puerto Rico, US territories lack voice despite larger populations compared to some states.

Representation challenge: With 1 representative per 767,816 people, it's difficult to effectively represent diverse constituents.