BY:  Ifeanyi Chikelu

What You Need to Know About the Nigerian Elections

Nigeria, "Giant of Africa," needs help with fair elections - tackle insecurity, corruption, voter suppression, infrastructure.

Nigeria, West Africa's most populous nation with 200+ mil, strives for better democracy amidst corruption.

Nigeria's federal system with 36 states has a presidential electoral system. INEC conducts elections.

Nigeria has multiple elections for President, Governors, National/State Assemblies, and Local Government every 4 years.

INEC requires majority votes and 25% of votes from 2/3 of states/LGAs for President/Governor win.

Vote-buying by politicians and suppression of voters threaten political process integrity in Nigeria.

Nigeria's election system needs reform - long lines, fraud, voter disenfranchisement, and corruption allegations.

Nigeria has 18 political parties, but APC and PDP dominate due to early existence and political influence.