BY: Alex Gloy 

What You Need to Know About the Debt Ceiling

The US debt ceiling debate sparks concern, but a bill signed by President Biden temporarily suspends it until January 2025.

US debt ceiling: Originating from fiscal responsibility, it sets a limit on government debt issuance, adjusted over 100 times since WWII.

Debt ceiling contradicts authorized spending, risking default and severe implications for the US economy.

Debt ceiling implications: shutdown, default, credit downgrade, market volatility, and global economic impact.

Government default triggers credit event, causing non-payment, financial difficulties, credit downgrades, and economic contraction.

Rating agencies concerned about US credit rating despite debt ceiling agreement, impacting global borrowers and bond markets.

Debt ceiling: Contentious political issue with blame game and risky negotiations. Recent deal suspends limit until 2025.

Depleted Treasury account necessitates $600B replenishment, impacting debt issuance and Federal Reserve's balance sheet plans.