What Would an Honest, Democratic Pentagon Look Like?


Pentagon's growth, ambitionsdefy "national defense" concept, raising doubts about its mission's sincerity.

Imagine a truly progressive Pentagon, not just diversity symbolism, but a shift toward peace-focused policies.

Progressive military goes beyond diversity gestures, it challenges the military-industrial complex's influence and policies.

Progressive military: Uphold Constitution, confront anti-democratic complex, prioritize freedom, and truth.

Hard facts: Pentagon Papers revealed Vietnam lies, Afghan War Papers exposed deception, Iraq WMD myth.

Americans unaware of ongoing lies until Islamic State's rise and Trump's candid "big fat mistake" remark.

No accountability for failures, war crimes in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Rumsfeld's legacy sanitized posthumously.

Pentagon's dishonesty culture spares generals from accountability, prompting Yingling's early retirement.