What Will the World Look Like if Trump Wins?


Potential prison, GOP uncertainty, fears of Trump's return in 2024-2025. The world contemplates a nightmare scenario.

Geopolitics, mostly predictable, faces disruptions like Putin's Ukraine move, Petro's election, and Saudi-Iran rapprochement.

Donald Trump, a disruptive joker-in-chief, made predictable decisions but shook the status quo with unexpected moves.

Trump's surprises: Kim meetings, aid delay, Greenland bid, "shithole" comments, Syria troop withdrawal.

Trump's impulsive decisions lacked strategy, unlike Nixon's calculated approach to international relations.

Trump's disdain for government leads to plans to dismiss 50,000 civil servants, targeting the "deep state."

Trump aims to reshape the state, concentrating power among his allies by eliminating bureaucratic checks.

Trump seeks to shift the system toward patronage, mirroring Orbán in Hungary and Putin in Russia.