BY: Arumdari Nurgianti

What Jakarta Climate Change Lawsuit Means for the Future

Indonesia is committed to reducing GHG emissions and judiciaries play a pivotal role in climate litigation for accountability.

Indonesia's general court handles climate-related cases with certified judges, highlighting the need for improved environmental law regulation.

Citizens sued Jakarta government for air quality in 2019, leading to a landmark verdict in 2021, advancing climate litigation in Indonesia.

Jakarta's environmental case led to stricter regulations, improved air quality monitoring, and promoted sustainable development.

Air pollution harms health for generations. Lack of transparency by the health ministry violates sustainable health principles.

Citizen lawsuits in Jakarta may encourage prioritization of pollution risks, leading to the revision of environmental regulations.

This suit inspires Indonesians to seek justice through citizen lawsuits for environmental violations, emphasizing human rights in court.

Media raises climate litigation awareness in Indonesia, fostering critical thinking and optimism for the environment and human rights.