BY:  Arab Digest

What Goes Behind the Glitz of MbS’s New Project

Discovery's NEOM doc: Urban marvel "The Line" emerges in Saudi, labeled 21st-century Babylon by documentary.

Architects, led by Peter Cook, praise bin Salman's visionary city. Crown prince envisions future with insight.

NEOM's "The Line": $500B budget, $200B allocated, futuristic "linear city" funded by Saudi sovereign wealth.

Crown prince's NEOM gigaproject attracts Western talent with large fees and historic infrastructure challenge.

Bin Salman wields unprecedented power, stifling dissent, shaping grand urban project in Saudi Arabia.

Peter Cook, an architecture iconoclast, embraces NEOM's potential with little concern for success or failure.

At NEOM event, Cook on The Line: "Interesting possibility. Bit stupid and unreasonable, engineer friends agree.

Cook initially favored 150m height, later playfully suggested 500m could be enjoyable after marina's completion.