What Do You Know About Iran, Formerly Persia?

Iran's fascinating history as an ancient superpower with significant metal discoveries dating back to 11,000 BC.

Aryans settled in Persis, southwest Iran, known as Persia. United as Persians by 625 BC, conquering Iran later.

Ancient Persian Empire, from Persepolis, ruled three continents - Europe, Africa, and Asia, the largest in history.

Cyrus the Great founded Persia's vast empire, known for promoting human rights and religious freedom.

Cyrus, a "messiah," freed Jews, Persia praised in Hebrew Bible, signifying lasting friendship, heaven's blessing.

Persia faced Greek, Roman, and Arab conquests but rebounded with resilience, preserving multi-ethnic unity.

Iran's brilliant minds, like Avicenna and Al-Biruni, forever changed the world with their remarkable contributions.

Iranian intellectuals, like Al-Farabi, left a lasting impact on human progress and influenced Western thinkers.