Were There Two Irish Civil Wars, or Just One?


Just completed "The Civil War in Dublin" by independent historian John Dorney; noted two Irish Civil Wars.

Irish War of Independence (1919-1921) was also an Irish civil war due to Irish involvement on both sides.

RIC members opposing IRA were mostly Irish, overlooking their Irishness hinders reconciliation in Ireland.

Most of those killed by the IRA during 1916-1921 were Irish, including Protestants and Unionists. 

Irish War of Independence was an Irish civil war with Irish people on both sides, including Catholics.

First magistrate killed in Irish War of Independence was Irish Protestant, shot in Westport, County Mayo.

Acknowledging Irishness of those with British allegiance is crucial for reconciliation on the island.

Opponents of naming 1919-21 war casualties promote exclusionary Irish identity, hindering peace and reconciliation.