We Need Syrian Voices in Debates on the Ukraine War

Over a year post-Russian invasion of Ukraine, Germany debates its role and the emphasis on diplomacy.

Germany's recent poll: 42% back current Ukraine support, 30% want more aid, 23% suggest reduced support.

German political fringes stoke nuclear and economic fears, polarize discourse with peace talk demands.

"Manifesto for Peace" by Wagenknecht and Schwarzer called for peace but had mixed, unsupportive protests.

AfD's "Peace Initiative" in January raised doubts about their stance on Ukraine and called for peace talks.

East German pro-Russian sentiment fuels debates, but ignores Syrian war migrants in public discourse.

In 2021, 932,000 Syrians lived in Germany, up from 33,000 in a decade, but their influence remains limited.

Syrian immigrants in Germany discuss their views on Germany's stance in the Ukraine war and their future.