BY:  Isabella Crispino

“We need help from God,” Say Migrants in Paris Camps

400 migrants, mainly minors, lived under bridge on Paris outskirts, occupied central square near top court for 4 nights.

Homeless youth for 6 months, relocated by volunteers on December 2, 2022, to central Paris for visibility.

Migrants, including Ali from Ivory Coast, and Joseph from Liberia, lived under Paris bridge. Waiting for asylum, seeking visibility.

Utopia 56 reps say occupying Paris square was last resort, state failed to provide shelter. Freezing temps, illness, suicide attempt.

After 5-day protest, youth received temporary housing. Chronic problem persists due to city's failure to provide long-term solution.

Paris camp established in 2015 after Calais Jungle dismantled. Migrants forced to pitch tents, attract aid, then face eviction.

Migrants get temporary shelter for a few days, but it's often in deplorable conditions. Some are left homeless.

Migrants with refused asylum claims can't find stable housing or work. Paris struggles with a vicious cycle of homelessness.