We Cannot Trust AI With Control Of Our Bombs


AI replacing humans risks errors, catastrophes, super-intelligent machines fighting could annihilate humanity.

AI's potential to turn hostile, as shown in WarGames and Terminator, reflects concerns ingrained in popular culture.

AI-controlled robots in future wars could follow orders, potentially leading to nuclear conflicts and global catastrophe.

US DoD's fast-tracked AI command system, like ABMS, could bypass human control, changing the nature of warfare.

ABMS: Military data tool for options like deterrence, show of force, or engagement. No Skynet, future uncertain.

ABMS: Nucleus of larger JADC2 system connecting forces via AI for data-driven decisions and precise engagements.

JADC2 initially coordinates non-nuclear forces but may link to NC3, potentially involving computers in nuclear control.

Imminent crisis triggers JADC2-led warfare, escalating to nuclear conflict and a feared catastrophic outcome.