Water Is Becoming Dangerously Scarce

Rapid population growth to add half a billion lives, driving water demand up by 40% in seven years.

Freshwater dwindles, heat rises, and deforestation reduces rainfall capture, leading to an alarming water crisis.

Water-rich US faces drought crisis. Even the rainy Northeast rationing water, feeling the heat like the Sahara and India.

Desalination may aid some economies, but it's unlikely to meet the US's water needs on a large scale.

To secure enough water, Americans must cut back, even on lawns and beef, a disliked necessity for the future.

Water scarcity fuels conflicts, migration, urban strain in Syria and Sudan, with broader implications beyond economics.

Ethnic, religious, and political divides escalate to conflicts between neighbors, easily sparking violence and civil war.

The situation won't improve soon, considering global temperature, rainfall, and water use forecasts in a growing world.