US Supreme Court’s Ruling on Affirmative Action is a Wake-up Call For India

By: Vikram Zutshi

White liberal role in racial equality crucial, but criticized for racism, Sleeper condemns identity politics' impact on civic culture.

Justice Thomas, an African American conservative, faced white liberal criticism as "Uncle Tom" for opposing affirmative action.

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Supreme Court's decision against affirmative action aligns with 75% of Americans, including 60% of Democrats and 64% of Black Americans.

Minorities don't vote as a bloc, advocating for them without being from their community can be seen as racist.

Chief Justice Roberts, with conservative justices, criticized affirmative action for employing race negatively and lacking clear goals.

Exploiting race and caste, liberal America and India's leftists create perpetual victims and hinder economic growth.

Influential minority figures challenge assumptions of liberal saviors, rejecting victimhood and the silencing tactics of radical activists.

Thomas Chatterton Williams critiques woke anti-racism, emphasizing their resemblance to the racists they condemn.