US Neocolonial Era Began in 1953: Even Now it Continues

BY: Mehdi Alavi

1953 coup in Iran gave Shah power but strengthened opposition. 1979 revolution created independent regional power.

Iran challenged the US-led West and supported anti-apartheid in South Africa, thanked by Nelson Mandela in 1992.

US supports white Europeans while oppressing others, e.g., Lumumba's coup, ethnic cleansing, and British suppression.

CIA's founding in 1947 formalized US meddling in foreign affairs, leading to coups in Iran, Vietnam, and Chile.

US championed 1941 Atlantic Charter post-WWII, recognized people's right to choose government, reduced armament.

UN founded to save world from war and promote human rights, but US and Britain prioritize corporations.

US supported UFC by ousting Guatemalan government in 1954, giving birth to the term "banana republic.

US intervened in Vietnam to dominate non-white country under guise of fighting communism, causing 4 million casualties.