US National Security Experts Now Call for Peace in Ukraine

By:  Medea Benjamin & Nicolas J.S. Davies

NYT ad by 15 US security experts urges US to be a force for peace in Ukraine, drafted by Eisenhower Media Network.

Statement condemns Russia's invasion, offers objective account of Ukraine crisis, highlighting US role and ignored warnings.

Statement labels war a disaster, urges Biden and Congress to swiftly end through diplomacy to prevent dangerous escalation.

Former insiders' timely diplomacy call, welcomed after 442 days, crucially intervenes at a critical moment in the ongoing war.

Zelenskyy delays Ukraine's offensive to limit losses, balancing Western support with grim human toll of ongoing war.

Zelenskyy's delay suggests limits on sacrificing Ukrainians for Western demands, possibly scaling back planned operations.

Zelenskyy's predicament linked to Russia's invasion and a deal with UK's Johnson to recover territory at the cost of negotiations.

Johnson's promise to Zelenskyy was unfulfillable, he supported withdrawal from recent invasion but not pre-2014 borders.