Uniform Civil Code: The Beginning of a New India

India's Law Commission seeks UCC opinions by July 13, 2023. PM Modi calls for common code. 850,000 responses received.

Indian Constitution mandates a 'Uniform Civil Code' (UCC), but lacks enforcement mechanisms or fixed implementation timeline.

Many directive principles, like cow protection, remain unenforced. UCC debate aligns with equality and diverse personal laws.

Diverse personal laws hinder societal uniformity and harm the interests of marginalized sections like women and children.

Divorced Muslim women faced the practice of nikāḥ halāla, but it has now been declared illegal with legal consequences.

Despite progress, Muslim women lack legal equality in contrast to Hindu women. UCC can improve their rights and status.

Inconsistent personal laws lead to religious discrimination, such as polygamy. UCC aims to eliminate such practices for equality.

True secularism requires adopting the UCC to eliminate religious discrimination and reduce legal disputes between sects.