Unconstitutional Laws Limit Free Speech and Punish Journalists In Cameroon

Cameroon's constitution supports communication, expression, and press freedom, but not African Internet rights.

Freedom of opinion, expression, and internet access should be unrestricted, except by lawful, legitimate aims.

In Africa, the internet's promise as a peaceful, facilitating force remains elusive, marred by risks.

Cameroon faces digital freedom issues, rated "non-free" (D) in a 2023 French Development Agency report.

Cameroon restricts free speech with vague laws, targeting government critics on social media platforms.

In Cameroon, journalists face arrests for spreading information, while activists are detained without legal basis.

Cameroon surveils minorities, LGBTQ+, with strict online content rules and harsh penalties.

Freedom of expression, crucial for journalists, upheld by Munich Charter, essential for democracy in Cameroon.