UN Diplomatic Success in a Potential Oil Disaster


Image Credit: undp.org

Rare positive news: UN raises funds to avert FSO Safer disaster in Yemen, addressing environmental risks.

UN Yemen Coordinator secured funds, agreements from Huthis, IRG, Netherlands played pivotal role in funding.

Neighboring states gave $10M, less considering spill risk. Major oil firms and UN crowdfunding helped.

UN replaced Safer with modified tanker. Dutch experts ensured safe oil transfer, emergency equipment nearby.

In July, replacement tanker arrived. Huthis used PR move with international media to assert ownership.

UN averts major oil disaster, completes transfer, saving environment and billions in cleanup costs. Notable success.

Secure FSO, remove wreck, clear sludge on Safer. IRG asserts authority, Yemen-UN talks, funding needed.

UN truce lapsed, no full-scale fighting. Economic battles escalate. Safer's oil valued at $80M, IRG loses $1.5B.