Ukraine: How Lies Fuel a New Bloody War of Attrition

By:  Medea Benjamin & Nicolas J.S. Davies

Analyst Astore: Santos embodies a bigger issue—lack of honor and shame in America. Truth is crucial for democracy.

Astore compares leaders to Santos, stating they lied about winning Iraq and Afghan Wars, presenting false progress.

In the Ukraine war involving Russia, Ukraine, the US, and NATO, all parties manipulate and lie while media amplifies falsehoods.

In war, truth becomes a casualty. Spinning and lying have dire consequences for lives lost and homes destroyed.

Yves Smith: Ukraine's reliance on Western support creates a false narrative of victory over Russia, unnoticed by the Western press.

To maintain the illusion of victory, Ukraine continues to sacrifice forces in bloody battles despite the high costs involved.

Military leaders warn: War propaganda clouds analysis. Urgent calls for diplomacy to prevent full-scale war and nuclear escalation.

General Vad compares Ukraine war to World War I's Battle of Verdun, highlighting a futile "war of attrition.