Two Saudi Soldiers Executed as Dissent in the Military Smolders

On Sep 14, Saudi executed two army pilots secretly, alleging high, national, and military treason, raising doubts.

Saudi lacks "high treason" in Sharia law, treason usually refers to espionage but doesn't guarantee execution.

Executed for dissent, Yemen refusal, MbS criticism. Unjust treason charges in politicized courts under crown prince.

Message: Deter dissent, prevent rebellion catalysts. History shows regime's vulnerability to internal coups.

History of discontent: Saudi pilots defecting and detained officers reveal ongoing internal issues within the military.

In May 2023, Subiani defected to the UK, exposing rights abuses, al-Zahrani's defection raised concerns.

Some defectors choose the UK, like al-Subiani, while others join Houthis in Yemen's ongoing war.

Low pay and poor treatment fuel discontent among Saudi soldiers, earning less than Gulf counterparts.