BY: John Bruton

Two Reasons China Can Be a Valuable Partner for Europe

US led West's China security ties with Pacific interests and alliances, exemplified by Nixon's positive leadership during his visit.

EU countries pursued profitable trade with China, led by Germany exporting automobiles, although the trend is weakening now.

US openly curbs China's economic growth due to security concerns, aiming to restrict semiconductor access and urging allies' participation.

To prevent China's key security contributions, US undermines WTO rules and China opposes them for state-owned enterprises.

International trade's law of the jungle benefits big countries, while smaller ones rely on blocs like the EU for protection.

The US aims to outcompete China and opposes unilateral changes in Taiwan relations, supporting a "One China" policy.

Pelosi's Taiwan visit amid Ukraine crisis questions intentions when China's involvement is crucial for resolving the conflict.

China's historical defense of territorial integrity should prompt it to take a stance against Russia's imperialist behavior.