Twin Peace Missions Have Limited Success In Ukraine and China

Peace mission crumbled as African leaders' Russia-Ukraine trip failed due to cancellations, including COVID and security concerns.

Timing worsens as Kyiv counters offensive, Russia defies diplomacy, missile attacks force African delegation into bomb shelter.

Warsaw airport fiasco: Ramaphosa's security team and South African journalists stranded in Poland, unable to reach Ukraine.

Stranded passengers on SAA plane endure refugee-like conditions, with limited supplies, unwashed personnel, and grim existence.

Controversy erupts as Polish authorities accused of racism, unpermitted weapons, including sniper rifles, found on Ramaphosa's plane.

Suspicions rise over large security detail and unpermitted weapons, possibly linked to arms dealer involvement and profit-seeking.

Stranded plane returns to South Africa with weapons, missed opportunity for journalists to join Ramaphosa in meeting Putin.

Ramaphosa delivers opening remarks in Russia, Putin interrupts, live feed cuts off, leaving diplomatic events unclear.